About Us

Agribusiness development Agency of Kaluga Region, a state autonomous institution (GAU APKKO), was established on the 18th of June, 2013 by the Government of Kaluga Region and operates under the guidance of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kaluga Region. Agency is a state operator of support to the projects in agricultural sector of Kaluga Region.

The Mission of the Agency is the support of agribusiness. The Aim of the Agency is the creating of the most comfortable business conditions for realization of the projects in agribusiness in Kaluga Region.

Main tasks:

  • complex support of the projects – individual treatment, free consulting on a broad range of issues
  • help in the development of municipalities – design and implementation of projects for development of investment potentials of 24 region's districts
  • creating a positive image of agribusiness in Kaluga Region – design and creation of presentations, lighting of agricultural regional events in the Internet and mass media

Our Team

Perevalov Stefan V. Director
Тел.: +7 (980) 712-44-44
E-mail: perevalov@adm.kaluga.ru
Tubenshlyak Nikolai P. Deputy of a Director
Тел.: +7 (910) 910-04-30
E-mail: tubenshlyak@apkko.ru
Buravtsova Ekaterina S. Head of Investor relations Departament
Тел.: +7 (953) 322-77-73
E-mail: kate.rda@gmail.com
Khavroshina Irina I. Head of PR Department
Тел.: +7 (910) 602 22 30
E-mail: khavroshina@apkko.ru
Efimova Julia A. Chief Accountant
Тел.: +7 (915) 891-36-12
E-mail: efimova@apkko.ru

Тел.: +7 (910) 869-56-72
E-mail: dyachenko@apkko.ru
Grubova Daria M. Chief Process Engineer
Тел.: +7 (910) 912-85-96
E-mail: grubova@apkko.ru
Suhareva Maya Yu. Chief Analyst of Planning
Тел.: +7 (915) 891-36-15
E-mail: suhareva@apkko.ru
Savkina Marina I. Сhief Economist
Тел.: +7 (910) 915 01 44
E-mail: savkina@apkko.ru
Kalinina Svetlana A. PR Manager
Тел.: +7 (915) 891-52-14
E-mail: kalinina@apkko.ru
Pavlikova Ariadna S. Chief Specialist Marketing
Тел.: +7 (915) 891 36 14
E-mail: pavlikova@apkko.ru

Тел.: +7 (910) 866-38-92
E-mail: loginova@apkko.ru
Fokina Irina V. Technologist
Тел.: +7 (915) 891-52-17
E-mail: fokina@apkko.ru

Presentation Of The Agency