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The 15th robotic farm was opened in Kaluga region

On the 30th of January in Borovsk district, Kaluga region a robotic dairy farm was opened. The project of Anatoly Geraskin became the 2d in the region according to the output. Now in «Krivskoe» there are 8 robots DeLaval, which serve 420 cows of Kholmogory breed. In the nearest future the number of cows will be increased to 500.

At the ceremony of the opening of a robotic farm the Minister of agriculture of Kaluga region, Leonid Gromov, the deputy Governor of the region Vladimir Potemkin, the head of Borovsk district Anatoly Belsky were present. Vladimir Potemkin noticed that people speak about the unique programme «100 robotic dairy farms» not only in Kaluga but in the neighbor regions, too. Similar programmes are bared in mind in the countries with high level of agricultural development such as Kazakhstan. Leonid Gromov announced planned openings of 5 more dairy farms with milking robots in February.

The building of «Krivskoe ZAO» (Close Joint-stock Company) with the quarter of 7 thousand square meters began in May, 2014. The whole number of investments was 115 mln roubles, 51 of which are credits of «Rosselkhoz». Milking robots were bought on the terms of state refinancing. The Ministry of agriculture of Kaluga region almost paid out 40 % from their cost. Besides, 500 thousand roubles were given by the Ministry for road and infrastructure building.

The buyers of the production of a robotic farm are «Obninsk dairy plant OAO» (Open Joint-stock Company, an affiliate of «Wimm-Bill-Dann»), APC «Kolkhoz «Moscow» of Borovsk district and other reprocessors. Milk yield per day is planned to be nearly 12 tons.

Besides milk production, «Krivskoe» is a cattle breeder of Kholmogory breed. The productivity of this breed may be up to 7,5 thousand kg per year keeping and feeding the cattle in a proper way.

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