The news of Agribusiness Development Agency of Kaluga region

In 2015 agrarians of Kaluga region are going to increase the output

On the 2d of February there was an extended meeting of the colleague of the regional Ministry of agriculture, the committee of Veterinary Office and the inspection of state Technical Supervision Body. The Governor of the region, Anatoly Artamonov, took part in it.

The results of the departmental work of last year and plans were being discussed.

The output of agricultural production of all categories is more than 30, 7 bln RUB, what is 3, 6 % more than in 2013. The volume of state support has grown for 4 % and is 1, 7 bln RUB now. The growth of the capital of investment portfolio is six bln and it’s more than 35 bln RUB now.

Within the realization of the departmental special-purpose programme «Creating of 100 robotic farms» 44 robots began to work, and in the nearest future, 10 more farms will be installed. There are 102 robots at different stages of installation. The idea of possible building of a plant of the turnout of milking robots in our region is being worked out in order to increase the accessibility of this technology for Kaluga producers. Because of the activation of new livestock breeding complexes and buying of high-quality breeding dairy cattle, agricultural organizations increased milk production for 5 %. Due to the growth of state support measures of small forms of agricultural business for 16 %, the whole output in agricultural sector has grown. The number of projects of creating of meat farms have been realized.

The main purpose of the current year is saving production growth, and import substitution of the main kinds of agricultural production will be emphasized. Robotization of cattle breeding and further development of the production of all kinds of meat are prior.

Anatoly Artamonov mentioned the importance of saving the investment activity and using innovations in agricultural complex: «It’s very important not to lose the tempo. We must always seek for originality, progressive methods of work». The Governor of the region called the sanctions to Russia «a double-sided medal». The advantage for agricultural producers is opened sales markets, the disadvantage is too high price for accessories for import technique. Under such conditions, in Mr Artamonov’s opinion, it’s necessary to develop our own production: «This is the advantage for our manufacturers, who can afford producing these materials».

The Governor of the region recommended Kaluga agrarians to bear in mind the population interests speaking about the price policy. It’s being planned the new project «Kaluga farmer» will help to retain the prices of the food stuffs: «We’ve accepted the resolution of the Government, in each district shops with local production at reasonable prices will be accessible within a stone’s throw».

A.Artamonov called the task of involving out-of-use agricultural land into turnover strategically important: «Only 11 % of land has been checked, in some districts there is no such work at all. It’s necessary to make order in this field. This is the most important theme, especially in the regions which are situated near big cities», - summarized the Governor.

There was an award of the best workers with departmental and regional rewards at the end of the meeting.

Within this event, an exhibition of Kaluga agrarians’ success was organized. More than 50 companies of regional agricultural cluster participated in it; they are the winners of the competition «Pokupai Kaluzhskoe» and the exhibition «Kaluzhskaya osen».

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In the accounting year, the committee of Veterinary Office registered African swine fever in Kaluga region for the first time. 19 focuses in 11 districts were found and destroyed; among all these were 10 cases with wild boars. The workers of Veterinary Office together with law-enforcement authorities kept watch all day long at 35 stations. They examined more than 20 thousand autos, found out 6 violations, all the guilty people were punished. Wide educational work was also organized among the population of the region: more than 12 thousand leaflets were spread out. 2 850 swine were destroyed due to the resolution of the Government of Kaluga region, 833 were sent for slaughter and processing. 6 mln RUB were compensated to their owners.

During 2014 more than 70 inspections of legal entities and private businessmen were made. 30 orders about the correction of violations were given. The whole sum of sanctions is more than 180 thousand RUB. The sum of state fees of 2014 is 6, 7 mln RUB. The examination of 4 educational institutions, preparing workers of different qualifications, was made. As a result 3181 certificates were given.

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