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Two meat farms were opened in Kaluga Region

On the 23d of October 2 meat farms were opened in Kaluga region, in Duminichy district and in Meshovsk one. The heads of these projects were the heads of PFOs, the receivers of the grants of the Ministry of agriculture.

The head of the economy «Brothers Fetisovi» Sergei Fetisov has received the grant , 7 mln RUB, this year. The money was put into the modernizationof the farm in Polotskoe, Duminichy district, where the Fetisovs have been working since 1992. Agricultural equipment is bought there, modern paddocks are equipped, 140 heads of the cattle were bought. The increase of Aberdeen-Angus and Hereford  is planned. The similar project is developed in Meshovsk district by the head of PFO, Vadim Gavrilyuk. But he began to build his farm from the very beginning in Shalovo. The movement of the cattle is thought over, modern equipment for veterinary service was bought for a received grant. There are 160 animals in Shalovo but livestock is planned to be increased to 500 heads.

The Minister of agriculture, Leonid Gromov, visited this opening. He noticed that a number of those who want to become participants of the program of family farm development is constantly increasing, and now there are 3 applicants for one grant. But only those, who develop modern, high technological production of meat breeds, receive money.

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